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Switchgears, high-voltage control panel

It is a system that a measuring sensor is attached to the main places inside the high-voltage panel and after measured, the data are aggregated and sent to the server. In addition, in case when fire or flame occurs, it has an initial extinguishing function to prevent the spread of flame.

It is the system to find incidents in advance that occur inside the high-voltage panel and analyzes the data to predict the incident points, and the high-voltage panel is difficult to check the internal equipment due to the risk of high-voltage), so it has the effect of preventing accidents because it monitors from the outside.

For remote management, a server inside the electrical room and a separate server are built to enable to manage and check the entire facilities, so it is the system to integrate and monitor the facilities dispersed in many places.


  Temperature Sensors : VCB contact temperature monitoring                

     (non-contact infrared sensor)
  ▶ UV Sensors : Fire, Arc detection.
  ▶ Current sensors : phase current measurement.
  ▶ acoustic sensors : partial discharge detection, including over.

  Major Application Facility

  ▶ plant high-voltage & low-voltage switchgear, high-voltage switchgear for 

     industrial facilities


  High-voltage switchgear plant integrated surveillance system



It monitors conditions inside the high-voltage switchgear of power plants, factories, etc., preventing accidents, and securing safe electricity supply capacity.


 ▶ Measurement of non-contacting temperature on the VCB terminal and  

    measurement of temperature inside the switchgear.

 ▶ Phase current measurement, internal fire detection and automatic extinguishing

    system (fire extinguishing aerosol system)


Currently they are installed and operated in KOSPO (Korea Southern Power Company, Ltd.)

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  Switchgears, high-voltage control panel