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Fire Monitoring Systems

The fire monitoring system receives a signal from the fire alarm (flame detector) to send the fire signal to its own alarm system and the remote central control room.

This device is equipped with a one-to-one power output section in addition to input section for receiving fire signals to alarm and control fire simultaneously. Unlike a typical receiver, it controls input and output at the same time, so it is easy for the initial response such as alarm output, operation of a fire extinguisher, operation of fire doors, etc. in case of fire, and control of driving devices. In addition, it has a communication port (RS-232, RS-485, TCP / IP, CDMA), so the integrated system can be configured and the remote management and control system is easy to configure.


State-of-the-art fire alarm system to find the flame


The aurora system detects a flame in case of fire, and It cannot be affected by bright spot, solar and artificial light sources to ensure to find and alarm the fire and when installed outdoors, it is also possible to detect even the moment of fire.


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Aurora system requires only 1 second.









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